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Jungleman ravages Dwan in durrrr challenge

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The ‘jungle’ is notorious for all kind of hazards, as Tom Dwan has become only too aware. After months of speculation surrounding the next challenger, Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates has stepped up to the plate and made a blistering start against the casually-coifed Full Tilt pro.

The ‘durrrr’ challenge, (a clever marketing stunt or great money-spinner, call it what you will), is a 50,000 hand challenge thrown out to any budding poker player (except Phil Galfond). If a player can record a profit after 50k hands of PLO or Hold’em against Tom Dwan, he will pay you $1.5 million (on top of the profits). If Dwan prevails, then the challenger must fork up $500k. Episode one of the durrrr challenge featured Patrik Antonius, but the measured Finn finds himself down $2 million at the 40k hand mark. Action has since petered away due to travelling commitments, leaving some to believe Patrik has already paid Dwan off.

Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates is a 20 year old, feisty poker prodigy. Having won over $1.5 million online in the past year, he follows in the footsteps of ‘Isildur1’ as the new high stakes phenomenon. Highly active in the twoplustwo forums, he’s not afraid of voicing his opinions, having blasted Ben Grundy for requiring a stake. Cates, a Cardrunners coach, started up by grinding $5 dollar SnG’s, and credits saying grace as one of the primary reasons for his success.

In just under 7,000 hands (the couple are playing at a furious rate), Jungleman finds himself $692k up. Dwan seems to have met his match in the aggression stakes, but in a challenge of million dollar swings, anything can happen. So there is no foul play, the $2 million being ‘waged’ has been shipped to the impregnable Phil Ivey, and he will credit the winner accordingly. Admittedly, Jungleman has had the rub of the green so far. Cates (K-9) scooped a hefty $141k pot when he out-flopped Dwan (A-K) on a K-3-9 rainbow board. However on several other instances, Dwan seems to be succumbing to clever Jungleman value bets. Let’s see if the High Stakes Poker wizard can adapt.

Milkybarkid needs stake

Friday, September 17th, 2010

English PLO specialist Ben ‘The Milkybarkid’ Grundy may not be a household name on the professional circuit, but he boasts one of the most astounding Pokertracker graphs.

Grundy, whose blonde, youthful looks earned him the nickname ‘Milkybarkid’, has made over $7 million online.

poker profit

poker profit

Considering PLO’s volatile nature, his win rate is remarkable. Although in a summer update on his blog, Grundy laments a recent downswing and a loss over 300,000 Pokertracker hands.

He cites money being tied up in several houses as the reason for needing a bankroll to play $100/$200 on Full Tilt Poker. Grundy has a solid live tournament pedigree, having come 3rd in the 2009 WSOP, $2.5k PLO/Hold’em event for $100k. Other career highlights include a 7th place finish at the 2005 EPT Monte Carlo main event for $105k. In total he has amassed over $500k in live tournament winnings.

A few users on twoplustwo are questioning the validity of Grundy’s online results, arguing his 13.5 BB/100 win rate seems too good to be true. Much of the $3.4 million he won online during 2008 was on European sites, including Betfair Poker.

Cynics are questioning the reason for a stake given his alleged success. Two respected voices on the forum, Daliman and Jungleman (who is set to face Dwan in the next ‘durrrr’ challenge), have also voiced their doubts. Grundy claims to have suffered two $500k downswings, yet his graph only alludes to swings of $200-$250k. Moreover, why does he need to be staked for $200/$400 when he can crush the $25/$50 games so comprehensively? A defiant Ben responded by swearing on the life of his family his graph is real, and challenging anyone to bet $25k against him.

His $7 million in online winnings should not be considered a liquid bankroll, as Grundy was reportedly staked by in the past, and used some of the money for cars and property.

Grundy’s graph may be a thing of beauty, but the skepticism voiced in twoplustwo will make it difficult for him to find a stake.