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The Full Tilt closure

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

So it seems that things will get worse before that get better in online poker in the USA and elsewhere.

The actions started by the DOJ and FBI two and a half months ago have had an unexpected ripple effect this week when Full Tilt Poker totally shut down. Not just in the USA (where they were closed since April 15th), but all over the world. Indeed the indictments led to Full Tilt’s gambling authority to start their own investigation.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is the regulatory body that granted Full Tilt Poker their gaming license. The AGCC regulates all egaming activities for companies operating in Alderney and attempts to comply to the highest international standards of fairness and integrity. Alderney is one of the Channel Islands and part of the British Crown. Similarly to the Isle of Man (that regulates Pokerstars), Alderney has the ability to attract gambling operators while regulating them.

But the similarity with Pokerstars stops there. Unlike Pokerstars which was announced to be following their gambling rules and which had their license maintained, Full Tilt just got their license revoked. This is an unprecedented event that led to millions of non-American players left enable to play online poker there, and worse to dispose of their bankroll. And this sad situation is not expected to evolve fast. The main reason for this negative audit seems to be that Full Tilt had not been able to send their balance back to their American players more than two months after Black Friday. But PokerStars had done so long time ago.

So things apparently are getting worse before they can get better. Hopefully the positive outcome of this entire situation is that online gaming will get better regulated internationally. This is good for everyone. Players will be treated more fairly. Government will be able to raise taxes. Operators will be be better regulated so that the bad apples will be discarded and this business gets the respect it deserves. This will lead to better products on the market.

France is probably one of the leading markets when it comes to regulating their online gambling vendors. The USA is now actively working on their own amended regulation. Other countries will follow as well.

online poker in the USA

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The sad truth.

It is one month already since the Black Friday of online poker, in other words the FBI crackdown of the four major online poker rooms allowing US players: pokerstars, full tilt poker, absolute poker, ub poker.

Without any bias, we can say that Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker were and remain the two global leaders of online poker and their products are impeccable: fantastic software, a huge choice of games and tournaments, impressive rosters of pros, juicy incentives such as VIP or rakeback programs, social communities with millions of members…

So why did the the FBI shut them down?

Is it in the benefit of users to remove such great products from the market? Are these products dangerous temptations leading to gambling addictions in underage children and unemployed widows? Is removing them a way to improve our freedom? Will it help the US economy? Will employment get better? Are these products worse then online casinos still allowed to operate? Is it better for the public to watch TV instead with 30% of the time used for advertisement? Was this action conducted for the benefit of the public, or it is based on a few individuals who are just ‘doing their job’?

As you can guess the answer to all above questions is NO. But how did it happen?

Is America the great country it used to be, or is it a declining country which has lost the ideals of freedom it is based upon? By the way poker was invented for the most part in the USA (with roots in Europe), what a tragic end game for this beautiful card game!

The reason why this happened is a chain of events. First the Republicans were against online gambling even though they are for live casino gambling. Ridiculous to say the least. But as they could not enact an online gambling regulation, they passed the UIGEA, which is a midnight regulation added and unrelated to a port security law. UIGEA is a technical law related to financing by operators, but it does not address the question of if online poker is legal or not. In short this is a dirty law driven by partisan motivations, not to benefit the public.

But then there are a few ambitious individuals at the Department of Justice who are using this regulation to indict these poker rooms. So here again they are not trying to support the users here, they are not questioning if all of that is making sense, they are ‘just doing their job’.

Negreanu and Duke at loggerheads

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Amanda Leatherman
Daniel Negreanu has been heavily scrutinised after he allegedly used the expletive ‘c***’ in a recent interview with

The four letter curse was directed towards female Ultimate Bet pro and sibling of Howard Lederer, Annie Duke. Open-minded Daniel has never been afraid to voice his opinion, but the word used to describe Duke was far from diplomatic.

Tension arose when Negreanu and Duke disagreed over the existence of the ladies event at the recent World Series of Poker. Daniel supported such an event, citing his disappointment at male entrants using tampons as card protectors, and Shaun Deeb playing in a dress. Negreanu argued women had every right to hold their own tournament, free of male bigotry and chauvinism.

Duke hit back however, claiming that a separate event did no favours for breaking down the sexual barriers in the game. The shrewd Negreanu, however, found the hypocrisy in Duke’s repost. Despite claiming men and women are equal at the felt, Duke, in sync with her UB marketing image, champions herself as the ‘best female poker player in the world’ on her website. Negreanu went on to say, ‘how offensive are you, you f***ing c***?’.

Daniel’s attack has polarised opinion amongst poker circles. Whereas some people have praised him for his candidness, others have berated his terse choice of language. The row has escalated, with Duke calling for PokerStars to take responsibility for Negreanu’s words.

Negreanu has not replied on Twitter as of yet, but Lex ‘RaSZi’ Veldhuis came out in support for the Canadian ice-hockey lover. Lex added it was quite ironic that Duke asked PokerStars to assume responsibility, when Ultimate Bet has attempted to keep its super-user scandal under wraps. The animosity between the two parties is understandable. Duke’s website Ultimate Bet is in direct competition with PokerStars, and her brother Lederer co-owns further rival site Full Tilt Poker.

In other sections of the interview, Daniel discussed his rigorous training regime and decision to remain t-total throughout the 2010 WSOP. He questioned Phil Hellmuth’s ability to win another bracelet given the younger, superior opposition dominating large NLH tournament fields, and lauded praise on Phil Ivey. Negreanu stressed the importance of bluffing in today’s high stakes poker games, and hinted that he is dating glamorous Pokernews journalist Amanda Leatherman.