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60-Years Old Woman wins Bad Beat Jackpot

Friday, October 1st, 2010 makes a bad beat a good thing.

For those of you out there who play poker in any form or shape you have heard, experienced, or dealt some really bad beats. There is no more painful feeling at the poker table then watching your quads lose, or your straight flush get beat by a higher straight flush.

At (previously know as Ultimate Bet) that pain can quickly turn into the best feeling some poker players might feel in their whole lives because of the Bad Beat Jackpot. has always been known to have one of the largest bad beat jackpots that quite frequently stay in the six-figure range. At if you play at their tables specifically labeled as a bad beat table and lose with quad 8’s or better you are in for a big payday.

You don’t even have to be the winner or the loser of the bad beat hand, at most players close enough to the action when it happens will get a reward. players who are the table and even at some of the other tables with the same type of game and the same type of limit get awarded some of that bad beat jackpot money.


Towards the beginning of September the bad beat jackpot rose to the massive amount of $670,575.38 before one lucky player hit it. A 60 year-old woman who plays at under the screen name “KAPPIT” had her quad nines get crushed by “CIBV” quad queens. “KAPPIT” who has been playing for 40 years turned her unlucky hand into over a $218,000 dollar payday at, the funny part is she was playing at a .25/. 50-cent table.

The bad beat jackpot at is split up as follows: 25% rolls over to the next jack pot, 10% for the house, and 65% goes to the players with the split up going like this: 50% to the loser of the hand (the victim of the bad beat), 25% for the player with the winning hand, $1,000 for every other player at the table, and the rest is split up amongst other players playing at the same type and stakes when the bad beat jack pot is hit. sure knows how to reward it unluckiest players. Since the inception of the bad beat jackpot UB has rewarded over $58 million in bad beat money and there is no sign of slowing down with 2010 being the highest bad beat rewarding year at