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Best Poker Training Videos Site

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I recently discovered a very useful online poker training video site, so I thought I would write a post to share it with you.

First a quick note about online poker training videos or online poker session videos as they are called. This is a form of poker teaching that has arisen in recent years due to the cheap availability of computer screen recording and high speed internet allowing fast download of large files. A poker player (preferably a pro) plays a session of online poker, records it and makes comments as an overlay to share his thinking process as he plays.

This new poker coaching format has become very popular as you will learn things who cannot get elsewhere, not in books, not in forums, not even chatting with great players. Because you will watch a “real” session” as it unfolds. It is more genuine than other material, as it is unprepared. It is a little bit like the difference between a lecture in medical school and going to the surgery room to watch an operation.

Of course you must know the content of the material from the lecture first, but until you go to practice on a real patient with an experienced surgeon, you will not know how to deal with real unexpected situations. Same with online poker.

There are a few coaching websites, but I just found this newer poker training videos site called pokersavvy plus, and it is great value.

Pokersavvy plus is a poker training site with a team of about ten poker pros plus some guest pros as well. They are real high level pros, like Mike Watson who has 8 money finishes at the WSOP and one WPT title. Mike Matusow used to be a member and they still have 24 videos of Mike playing and commenting his own games.

The great thing about pokersavvy plus, and I never saw that anywhere else, is that you get a 7 days free trial. You can watch as many videos as possible, so if you have time, you can watch many poker training videos for free. You will learn more during this time frame than at any other time during your poker career, I guarantee it.

In addition, you can download the videos and keep them on your computer for later watching. This is not allowed at other poker training websites, because even though you download some videos on you computer, you will only be able to watch them later if your membership is still active. But not at pokersavvy plus, one more reason why I think it is great value.

Last but not least, the quality, quantity and variety of their online poker videos is unmatched.

  • quality: the content is strong, taught by real pros who know poker very well. They speak clearly (the images are clear too), and their thoughts are well organized; the videos are edited and some lecture type format is added to some of them, making the teaching more complete.
  • quantity: it is hard for these poker training websites to produce videos on a consistent basis; but pokersavvy plus posts one new video every day of the week, every week; this is 260 new videos per year; they currently have already over 400 videos.
  • variety: it is hard to produce diversified poker videos, and the users at some of the other sites complain that there is too much of one type, like short-handed NLHE ring games; at pokersavvy plus, you get every type of game and format, even HORSE, Stud, many heads-up, tournament and cash games, etc.

Anyway check for yourself. This is a freebie as you can use the 7 days trial period to watch videos and to download some of them. I love the collection of 24 videos by Mike Matusow, a real gem. Here is the link to pokersavvy plus. Enjoy while it lasts.