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Trying online blackjack

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The online poker market is still facing problems with former powerhouse Full Tilt still facing legal issues. They still have their virtual doors closed to people all over the world and there’s no sign of it getting better in the near future. If/when Full Tilt manages to get relicensed, it remains to be seen how popular they will be; it’s highly likely that a lot of their former players will have lost confidence in them and won’t go back.

With the future of online poker being uncertain you may want to have a go at blackjack which is another popular card game and just like poker, it requires skill as well as luck to win. While I would recommend blackjack to anyone, I especially recommend it to people in the UK because UK residents have access to some very large and well established online casinos and the chance of them being shut down is almost zero.

Of course, Full Tilt was a behemoth in the poker sector at one time but their problems arose from accepting USA players. If they hadn’t of done this, they would never have gotten into trouble with the FBI and they would still be at the top of the game today. By contrast, the UK’s largest online casinos such as William Hill don’t accept USA players so it’s unlikely that they will run into the same problems.

If you’re in the UK then learning all about blackjack and the different reputable casinos that are out there can be difficult and that’s because the majority of blackjack information portals are aimed towards USA players and recommend USA online casinos. There’s always the chance of these being shut down just like Full Tilt so it would be best to avoid such casinos and stick with the best known UK brands.

The best site for such information is the UK’s largest blackjack site and they only recommend the best known and most reputable UK casinos that you can trust both for a fair blackjack game and to pay you when you win. Obviously they don’t just talk about casinos; they also have loads of information on subjects such as basic blackjack strategy and different betting patterns that you can use when you play.

One of the things that I like about playing blackjack is that it’s so much easier to play than poker and it makes a refreshing change. The final thing that I will point out is that the UK’s best known online casinos like Bet365 and William Hill also operate popular online poker rooms as well so you can get the best of both worlds with them: casino games like blackjack and poker games. You get all of this from just one single account so the whole thing is a very convenient and easy.

The Full Tilt closure

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

So it seems that things will get worse before that get better in online poker in the USA and elsewhere.

The actions started by the DOJ and FBI two and a half months ago have had an unexpected ripple effect this week when Full Tilt Poker totally shut down. Not just in the USA (where they were closed since April 15th), but all over the world. Indeed the indictments led to Full Tilt’s gambling authority to start their own investigation.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is the regulatory body that granted Full Tilt Poker their gaming license. The AGCC regulates all egaming activities for companies operating in Alderney and attempts to comply to the highest international standards of fairness and integrity. Alderney is one of the Channel Islands and part of the British Crown. Similarly to the Isle of Man (that regulates Pokerstars), Alderney has the ability to attract gambling operators while regulating them.

But the similarity with Pokerstars stops there. Unlike Pokerstars which was announced to be following their gambling rules and which had their license maintained, Full Tilt just got their license revoked. This is an unprecedented event that led to millions of non-American players left enable to play online poker there, and worse to dispose of their bankroll. And this sad situation is not expected to evolve fast. The main reason for this negative audit seems to be that Full Tilt had not been able to send their balance back to their American players more than two months after Black Friday. But PokerStars had done so long time ago.

So things apparently are getting worse before they can get better. Hopefully the positive outcome of this entire situation is that online gaming will get better regulated internationally. This is good for everyone. Players will be treated more fairly. Government will be able to raise taxes. Operators will be be better regulated so that the bad apples will be discarded and this business gets the respect it deserves. This will lead to better products on the market.

France is probably one of the leading markets when it comes to regulating their online gambling vendors. The USA is now actively working on their own amended regulation. Other countries will follow as well.