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online poker in the USA

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The sad truth.

It is one month already since the Black Friday of online poker, in other words the FBI crackdown of the four major online poker rooms allowing US players: pokerstars, full tilt poker, absolute poker, ub poker.

Without any bias, we can say that Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker were and remain the two global leaders of online poker and their products are impeccable: fantastic software, a huge choice of games and tournaments, impressive rosters of pros, juicy incentives such as VIP or rakeback programs, social communities with millions of members…

So why did the the FBI shut them down?

Is it in the benefit of users to remove such great products from the market? Are these products dangerous temptations leading to gambling addictions in underage children and unemployed widows? Is removing them a way to improve our freedom? Will it help the US economy? Will employment get better? Are these products worse then online casinos still allowed to operate? Is it better for the public to watch TV instead with 30% of the time used for advertisement? Was this action conducted for the benefit of the public, or it is based on a few individuals who are just ‘doing their job’?

As you can guess the answer to all above questions is NO. But how did it happen?

Is America the great country it used to be, or is it a declining country which has lost the ideals of freedom it is based upon? By the way poker was invented for the most part in the USA (with roots in Europe), what a tragic end game for this beautiful card game!

The reason why this happened is a chain of events. First the Republicans were against online gambling even though they are for live casino gambling. Ridiculous to say the least. But as they could not enact an online gambling regulation, they passed the UIGEA, which is a midnight regulation added and unrelated to a port security law. UIGEA is a technical law related to financing by operators, but it does not address the question of if online poker is legal or not. In short this is a dirty law driven by partisan motivations, not to benefit the public.

But then there are a few ambitious individuals at the Department of Justice who are using this regulation to indict these poker rooms. So here again they are not trying to support the users here, they are not questioning if all of that is making sense, they are ‘just doing their job’.

Full Tilt pot limit omaha games

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Pot-limit Omaha is the poker variation gaining a lot of popularity. Will it replace NLHE in the WSOP main event? Not in the foreseeable future, but PLO is certainly on the rise.

By looking at the history of poker, there is a continual replacement of old poker forms with newer forms, and the newer forms always bring more action and entertainment. First we had draw poker, then stud poker which brought a new angle to the game as every player had some of his cards exposed for all to see. The game changed from 5-card Stud to 7-card Stud, as the latter form introduced more complexity to the game and betting opportunities.

Then came up Texas Hold’em, which rapidly became the dominant form of poker. First as a fixed-limit game, later in the no-limit incarnation. What can be attributed to this unexpected success? The community card not only adds more hand possibilities, but also make the game more social. And more entertaining for the public.

Omaha Hold’em is the youngest form of poker and it was only invented a few decades ago. Omaha poker is an extension of Texas Hold’em poker. Apart from a few minor details the rules of the game are the same, expect that each player has 4 hole cards instead of 2. It is like playing 6 holdem hands each time you play one omaha hand, so clearly there is more action.

This is the trend in poker, games with more action and more entertainment value. Omaha and PLO in particular have both of that. If you play PLO you know that it is like NLHE on steroids, and at the risk of giving an arrow to the bow of the supporters of the infamous UIGEA, it is an addictive game.

The PLO games at Full Tilt

One of the best places if not the best place to play PLO on the Web is at Full Tilt Poker. This is where you will find the most action and the most tables available for your selection.

In the ring games section, the stakes range from $0.01/$0.02 to $500/$1000. In the micro and low limits up to $0.50/$1, there are constantly one or two hundred active tables. There are a few dozen tables at the medium stakes up to $6 big blind and about a dozen tables at the high stakes up to $50 BB.

Next there is what is called Ivey’s room, and this is where the so-called nosebleed ultra high-stakes tables are, from $100 to $1000 BB. This is the section where the top PLO high stakes players meet and play. Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Ilary “Ziigmund” Sahamies, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and many more.

It does not matter what you level is. You will find what you want in PLO at Full Tilt. Observe the pro battle in huge pots, learn the game at the micro-limits, or simply play at your favorite stake level.

If you want pot-limit Omaha action, Full Tilt is the place.