Table selection for higher profit

Unlike online roulette or online bingo, online poker is a game of skill where you must master strategy if you wish to make money playing it. Choosing the right table is one of the key strategies for successful online poker. Overall 3 skills are very important to master poker.

The first skill is tactical thinking. You need to get the hang of the various strategies such as calculating pot odds, probabilities and standard play like defining your pre flop opening range. These basic skills can be learned from books or poker blogs.

The second skill to be a good poker player is psychological insight. You have to be able to put himself into other players’ shoes, to understand how they think, to predict how they will react to your actions, to know who the aggressive players and who the mice are. Even better learn how to manipulate them, induce bad play or tilt. Mixing your game and adapting to tables and opponents are parts of this skill.


The third ability is also very important, but sometimes neglected, even by some really good players. It is game selection, choosing the game where you will make the most money.

The great poker player Johnny Chan who rose to poker stardom a few years before Stu Ungar‘s death, once wrote that he had casino managers call him if a big fish just arrived in Las vegas. He would then play poker at the high roller’s side for as long as he stayed in town, and he could make one or two month profit in just a few days.

This is great table selection and note that even one of the best players in the world prefers to play with weaker competition and gets organized around this concept.

Find the right game

By selecting the right games, you can choose how good or bad your opponents will be and decide to join, stay or leave the table depending on the conditions at the table. Many experts even go so far as saying that game selection is the key to high stakes poker success, and the higher the stakes, the more important it is.

Lot limit games are generally very soft, with plenty of new players with small bankroll and minimal skills. At higher limits, you will meet a more varied assortment of good or a bad players. The trick is to sit at a table where the players are worse than you, or at least not much better than you. Or to sit at a table with a few whales or tunas that you will try to isolate for heads-up confrontations.

Thus, you should seek to play against players with obvious leaks. Such as players who play too conservatively and who do not bluff too much. Players who play too loose passive. Calling stations. And if you have the stomach for it, you want to play against maniacs as they are the opponents who offer the highest profit potential, but with high variance too.

Here are some tricks for online poker game selection.

  • Take notes. Specifically if you notice some specific bad play or traits like a player who likes to do a lot of semi bluffing, make sure to write it down for future profit opportunities.
  • Use poker tracking software. Holdem Manager or Poker Edge are tools designed to quickly profile your opponents. Use them or else your competition will.
  • Leave tables. There is no need to stay at a table once the bad player has left. Just leave it and find a better one.
  • Use buddy lists. You can create lists of players, so that you are alerted when a whale just logs in at your preferred poker room, and you can join his table. Software such as smart buddy are universal buddy list tools with alert features.

Table selection is a basic strategy in online poker that should not be missed if you want to increase your profits and your bankroll. Emphasizing table selection can generate good profits even with mediocre skills, but omitting it may transform profits into losses.