Poker-edge Review


Online poker enthusiasts who are playing for profits cannot survive without the proper poker tools simply because online poker is getting more competitive as the years pass.

Smart poker players know that online poker tools and poker software can help them improve their game and calculate odds accurately and with ease; as a result, they do not mind spending money on software to help them make poker profits. Pokeredge 5, believed to be one of the best poker tools in the industry, is the creation of a group of experienced poker players who are familiar with the challenges of playing online poker.

The poker tool is a combination of useful features such as table selector, odds calculator, head up display (HUD), comprehensive player analyses, a database of hand histories and data mining.

Pokeredge 5 enables players to understand opponents’ playing styles and game statistics, find the most lucrative and easy-to-win poker tables and understand relevant poker statistics to win at the game.

Players can easily download and install Pokeredge 5 on their PCs. Note that there is a 5 day trial no string attached, so you can check for yourself if this is for you. As this is not for everyone and casual players probably do not need such calculating power.



Besides, more than 100 online poker rooms support Pokeredge. The tool, which can easily be customized to suit individual requirements, has been known to help new poker players learn the game, understand its various strategies and start winning money in no time.

The best feature of Pokeredge 5 is its central database, which cannot be found in any other poker tool.

This database already holds billions of hands and the number grows by over 10 million daily. Thanks to this database, players are enabled to view the most accurate and comprehensive player statistics. The HUD of Pokeredge 5, which is fuelled by advanced technology, allows players to recognize their opponents and view their player statistics.

Since the HUD is built on a “states” technology, players can view different statistics as the tournament progresses from one stage to the other. Players can change these states automatically or manually or even customize them to obtain five times more information.

Pokeredge 5 also enables players to view detailed player reports, which can be filtered according to time, tournament, stake and number of players and includes statistics related to graphs, positional analyses, street, hand replays, recent showdowns and much more.

This advanced tool also comes with a brand new feature called notifications, which alerts players in case of special events such as hand strength, all-ins and blind steals. Other attractive features of Pokeredge 5 include automatically calculated poker outs and poker odds, table selection, buddy list and table finder.

New users will find a comprehensive users’ guide, a FAQ section and forums at If they have queries, they can always contact customer care via an online contact form. Interested players can obtain a micro subscription, silver subscription, or gold subscription to Pokeredge 5.

There is no question that Poker-edge is the Rolls Royce of online poker tools. Even though the interface that you will see is ‘light’, this products requires dozens a server working 24/7 just to feed and maintain the database. With all the data analysis run in real-time, no other poker tool comes close.

Skeptics can get hold of a free trial version, which they can use for five days. If they are not satisfied with the tool, they can discard it after five days and they will not be charged a dime.

Pokeredge is also being offered absolutely free for 3 whole months if you open an account at a selected poker room.