Established since 2006, the PKR Poker Room is known primarily for their stunning 3D effects. It is their software that sets them apart from all the other regular poker rooms online. It really is incomparable.

Every graphic feature is in high definition, with a lot of details from the visual graphics to the various automated sounds and voices. This is because the game was made by top rated video game developers in the industry, aiming to give players a realistic online poker experience.

One unique thing about PKR is that you can create your own avatar. You can choose to be a male or a female, customize the face, and dress it up whatever way you want. You can also choose what accent and ethnicity you avatar will have.

Aside from the visuals, you could also make your avatar act out whatever actions you want. You can laugh, cheer, and boo. You can set its disposition to range from happy to casual to aggressive. Consistent with giving the players a reality based game, you can improve yourself and with progress you will eventually learn some tricks like shuffling your poker chips. The more successful players are also more skilled in their knowledge of tricks.

PKR Poker is not only groundbreaking in their quest for realism, they also offer great bonuses. Various sign up bonuses including one that gives you up to $2000 are available to everyone. Of course, as with most bonuses, there are some catches or some requirements before you could cash it in, although you need not worry as these are fairly easy to convert. Bonus points can also be earned in tournaments. It wouldn’t be difficult to amass a substantial amount as tournaments are held regularly. They also feature guaranteed events every day.

With a top poker site like PKR Poker, you can be assured of the security and safety you get while playing their games. They are regulated by a gambling commission and are legally licensed. Their software has a built in system that detects any suspicious actions and reports in in real time. They are very strict about cheaters so that you can just focus on enjoying your game instead of worrying about being swindled.

Today, they have an enormous clientele of online poker players which still continues to grow weekly. The average traffic can be pretty light at times, but could also reach more than 7 thousand players during the busy peak hours.

Payouts are accurate and dependable, and customer service is excellent. They always have polite and helpful representatives who are willing to help you at any time of the day or night. You can reach them via email or if you want a quicker response, the live chat option would be the better choice. To keep up a good client base, they hold such high standards and take good care of their customers. Overall, this site is a must try mainly for the entertainment value of a 3D poker room.