Enjoy the fast pace and easygoing style of our classic single line slots. Play these and other slots machine games at the best online casino around.

Classic Single Line Slots For Beginners

As the name implies, classic single line slots is the classic version of this widely-enjoyed casino game. The simplicity, fast pace and the quick return makes this a favourite across the board. Our fabulous online casino offers a huge variety of classic single line slots including Alchemist’s Lab, Magic Slots, Reel Classic 3, Tres Amigos, 8 Ball Slots, Sultan’s Fortune and many more popular choices.

If you are just getting started in the wonderful world of online casino games, classic single line slots is a great place to start because it is so easy to learn and play. Take a look.

How to Play Classic Single Line Slots

Despite the wide range of game choices, all classic single line slots games are essentially the same. There is a pay chart that tells you what each winning combination will award you (in other words, how much you will win if you spin that winning combination), three reels, a pay line, and some betting options buttons.

Start your game by familiarizing yourself with the pay chart as this will make the game easier to follow and more fun to anticipate each spin. Try your luck and enjoy online slots at a good online casino.

Now decide how much you want to bet on your spin. You can increase or decrease your bets by varying increments, or you can press the Bet Max button to wager the maximum bet available for that game.

Once you’ve placed your bet, press the Spin button (or pull on the virtual lever depending on which version you are playing at the time), and watch the reels spin around wildly. The prominent line that runs across all the reels horizontally is called the Pay Line.

It is called this because the images that fall on this line will determine if and how much you get paid according to the pay chart of that game.

For example, when playing Crazy 7’s, one of the most popular classic single line slots games at our online casino, the pay table indicates that hitting a streak of red sevens (three in a row) will pay out 400 points. So, while those reels are spinning, you are crossing your fingers that the three red sevens will land on the pay line.

Whatever combination lands on the pay line, you receive the corresponding payout based on the pay table. And it’s as simple as that. Be sure to play all of our fun-filled versions of classic single line slots, or test your hand and something new with our multi line video slots or cavalry of other exciting online casino games today.