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Online Bingo Fun

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Bingo is the game that requires no introduction as it has been around for centuries.

Bingo is still continuing to charm us by its sheer presence whether it is in the parties or in the newly discovered digital realm. The game of Bingo is a big favorite at parties, as it is that simple game which can be conquered even by the Tom, Dick and Harry.

The Bingo party games are famous not just owing to the simple nature of the game but also to its suitability for people of almost all ages! A Bingo party is a great place for the families or for the community gatherings.

Depending on the occasion, the word Bingo can simply be replaced with any other 5 letter words which are a perfect reflection of the occasion. For instance, at the Christmas parties, the word Bingo can be replaced with Santa, for a Santa party.

The biggest additional attraction of the Internet based bingo is that it offers you the chance of making new friends from all around the globe and certainly, the probability of fetching big money. If you are in search of a good place for playing bingo online, then there exist a good number of factors to be taken into consideration before you land in at one of them.

Since there are a lot of major bingo websites, it is important to make your selection solely based on the personal aspects that are going to have the most impact on your bingo enjoyment.

One factor is how many rooms they have and how active the games are. An operator with more traffic will bring more chances to win and more fun overall.

You need also to consider if they have decent-sized daily jackpots. If so there is always a probability that you will get lucky enough to fetch yourself a pretty good sum of cash. The website which you select to play at needs to provide a lot of different opportunities for you to grab good bit of money, therefore your chances of winning are going to magnify quite substantially.

Taking into consideration all of these aspects it can be said that, party bingo is one of the sites that fulfill all these requirements.

They also offer a great opportunity for you to save some cash while playing the game that you love. You will identify that once you begin playing there. The more probability you have to save cash while playing the better, therefore search for those websites that run juicy deals on a regular basis, like party.

Trying online blackjack

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The online poker market is still facing problems with former powerhouse Full Tilt still facing legal issues. They still have their virtual doors closed to people all over the world and there’s no sign of it getting better in the near future. If/when Full Tilt manages to get relicensed, it remains to be seen how popular they will be; it’s highly likely that a lot of their former players will have lost confidence in them and won’t go back.

With the future of online poker being uncertain you may want to have a go at blackjack which is another popular card game and just like poker, it requires skill as well as luck to win. While I would recommend blackjack to anyone, I especially recommend it to people in the UK because UK residents have access to some very large and well established online casinos and the chance of them being shut down is almost zero.

Of course, Full Tilt was a behemoth in the poker sector at one time but their problems arose from accepting USA players. If they hadn’t of done this, they would never have gotten into trouble with the FBI and they would still be at the top of the game today. By contrast, the UK’s largest online casinos such as William Hill don’t accept USA players so it’s unlikely that they will run into the same problems.

If you’re in the UK then learning all about blackjack and the different reputable casinos that are out there can be difficult and that’s because the majority of blackjack information portals are aimed towards USA players and recommend USA online casinos. There’s always the chance of these being shut down just like Full Tilt so it would be best to avoid such casinos and stick with the best known UK brands.

The best site for such information is the UK’s largest blackjack site and they only recommend the best known and most reputable UK casinos that you can trust both for a fair blackjack game and to pay you when you win. Obviously they don’t just talk about casinos; they also have loads of information on subjects such as basic blackjack strategy and different betting patterns that you can use when you play.

One of the things that I like about playing blackjack is that it’s so much easier to play than poker and it makes a refreshing change. The final thing that I will point out is that the UK’s best known online casinos like Bet365 and William Hill also operate popular online poker rooms as well so you can get the best of both worlds with them: casino games like blackjack and poker games. You get all of this from just one single account so the whole thing is a very convenient and easy.

Vegas Technology Casinos & Slots

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Even though there are hundreds of active online casinos offering gambling games, there are only a few software providers which let these casinos run their games, providing a random number generator for fairness, an appealing graphical interface and the large database management system necessary to coordinate thousands of players simultaneously playing. One of the leading gambling software provider is Vegas Technology, and vegas technology online casinos have a large market share.

The advantage for these casinos is that they can rely on the experience, reputation and know-how of Vegas Technology to provide a safe, secure and entertaining platform to play casino games at. Security of private information and financial transactions is crucial to online gamblers given the uncertain legal landscape and the unfortunate history of some rogue operators. This is one of the area of strength of Vegas Technology as the company started by offering secure money transfer over the Internet for e-commerce businesses.

But each online casino is enabled to customize its product so that they all look and feel unique, sometimes with their own game variations and sexy design. Their uniqueness comes also from their promotions, bonuses, perks and VIP Club, how effective their customer service is or what banking methods are allowed, what is the size of their progressive jackpots, etc.

With respect to games, one of their forte is vegas technology slots as they have over eighty slot machines. Some of these online slot machines are just the great classics that can be found at brick and mortar casinos, while others were invented by the Vegas Technology engineers and cannot be found elsewhere.

For example ‘Alien Invasion Slots’ is a three reels slot machine with coins from ten cents to ten dollars. In this game you will start a space adventure where you meet aliens and dangerous creatures trying to invade Planet Earth. Killing them on the payline provides you with extra rewards and you also get a chance to a high jackpot of 2,000 coins.

How about ‘Luck o’ The Irish Slots’? If you see the Leprechaun, you may get a chance to win the top jackpot of 2,400 coins or other awards and bonuses. In this fairy tale decor, ‘Pot of Gold’ is the wild symbol adding to your chances of winning.

So what are you waiting for? You can play these Vegas Technology games anywhere, either using the regular software version on your computer at home or work, or any place with an Internet connection if you use the flash version where you directly play from the browser.

Milkybarkid needs stake

Friday, September 17th, 2010

English PLO specialist Ben ‘The Milkybarkid’ Grundy may not be a household name on the professional circuit, but he boasts one of the most astounding Pokertracker graphs.

Grundy, whose blonde, youthful looks earned him the nickname ‘Milkybarkid’, has made over $7 million online.

poker profit

poker profit

Considering PLO’s volatile nature, his win rate is remarkable. Although in a summer update on his blog, Grundy laments a recent downswing and a loss over 300,000 Pokertracker hands.

He cites money being tied up in several houses as the reason for needing a bankroll to play $100/$200 on Full Tilt Poker. Grundy has a solid live tournament pedigree, having come 3rd in the 2009 WSOP, $2.5k PLO/Hold’em event for $100k. Other career highlights include a 7th place finish at the 2005 EPT Monte Carlo main event for $105k. In total he has amassed over $500k in live tournament winnings.

A few users on twoplustwo are questioning the validity of Grundy’s online results, arguing his 13.5 BB/100 win rate seems too good to be true. Much of the $3.4 million he won online during 2008 was on European sites, including Betfair Poker.

Cynics are questioning the reason for a stake given his alleged success. Two respected voices on the forum, Daliman and Jungleman (who is set to face Dwan in the next ‘durrrr’ challenge), have also voiced their doubts. Grundy claims to have suffered two $500k downswings, yet his graph only alludes to swings of $200-$250k. Moreover, why does he need to be staked for $200/$400 when he can crush the $25/$50 games so comprehensively? A defiant Ben responded by swearing on the life of his family his graph is real, and challenging anyone to bet $25k against him.

His $7 million in online winnings should not be considered a liquid bankroll, as Grundy was reportedly staked by in the past, and used some of the money for cars and property.

Grundy’s graph may be a thing of beauty, but the skepticism voiced in twoplustwo will make it difficult for him to find a stake.

Video poker rules

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Video poker is a very popular game at casinos and online casinos. The rules are rather simple, but it requires to apply a strategy, unlike games purely based on chance such as roulette or craps.

This game is played by one player with one machine like with a slot machine. Depending on the cards you are dealt, you can make money. The game of video poker is based on draw poker: at each hand you are dealt five cards, and you can discard any number of your cards in an attempt to draw to a better hand, as your cards will be replaced with other cards.

The hand ranking is the usual poker hand ranking, royal flush, straight flush,…,down to one pair and high card. Depending on what hand you get, there is a predefined payout.

There are many variations of video poker, the most common being “Jacks or Better”. In Jacks or Better and for one unit of betting, a royal flush pays 800, a straight flush pays 50, four of a kind pays 25, a full house pays 9, a flush pays 6, a straight pays 4, a set pays 3, two pairs pays 2, and Jack or Better pays 1. The rarer the hand, the higher the payout, with the royal flush paying massively more than the next best hand, the straight flush. This game only gives approximately a 0.50% edge to the house.

Other variations of video poker follow the same principle, what changes is the hands that have a payout, and the payouts themselves. For instance in Ten or Better, the lowest hand to pay one is a pair of tens instead of a pair of jacks, but some of the other payouts change also.

In another version called “Double Bonus”, the rules are the same as Jack or Better, with the addition of four aces paying a special bonus. The payouts are not identical in all “Double Bonus” video poker machines, but in the most attractive ones, the house has a slightly negative edge of -0.2%.

This is a great situation for gamblers, but note that in order to benefit from this advantage, a player must play “perfectly”, which is far from obvious. Playing perfectly means following an optimal strategy with respect to drawing hands. It is required first to find the optimal moves and then to follow them strictly, and this is the tough part.

Anyway the point is that video poker is a very entertaining gambling game where the casinos do not rip off the players with an outrageous statistical advantage. Two good reasons to give it a try if you have not yet done so.

Online gambling sued in France

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

French authorities and some privileged private interests did not rejoice when online gaming companies came to directly compete with the French old-timer gambling operations such as Française des Jeux and PMU or some brick & mortar casinos.

This is why they are suing the largest online gambling operators for illegally providing online casino games to the French public.

A group of live casino operators including Joagroupe, Barrière and Tranchant which between themselves own and manage more than one hundred casinos are suing 888, Unibet, SportingBet and Bwin in the Paris Criminal Court. A trade union has also joined the ranks of the defendants.

The litigation claims that these online gambling companies violate the exiting gambling laws prohibiting licensed gambling operators from promoting and running online casino games in the French market. Under the current French law only sports betting is permitted.

This lawsuit is an obvious attempt to curtail competition before the online gambling market opens up in France once a new legislation is ratified. As the market is estimated at hundreds of millions of euros annually, if the judges sentence these four companies, they may lose their license for two years and not be allowed to compete during the time frame when the market opens up.

Meanwhile a key legislation drafted to legalize online gambling in France just passed through the French Senate on a first reading with a margin of 181 votes “for” versus 140 “against”. The second reading will occur at the end of the month. Then if everything goes well, this law needs to be ratified by the European Union, the French Supreme Court, the French Constitutional Council and finally getting signed into law by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

There could still be a few bumps on the road to a clearer legal landscape for online gambling and betting in France.

There as in other geographical locations including the United States (ask Obama for poker), Governments are pressured to use all possible means to find new ways to supply the State coffers with much needed novel sources of cash. And online gambling is a prime candidate for this task, given the massive expected profits for online gambling companies and the insatiable appetite for games from the public