About UngarPoker.com

This poker website is developed as a tribute to Stu Ungar.

If you want to learn more about online poker and how to improve your skills, you have come to the right address also.

The story of Stu Ungar is the sad story of human genius faced with the reality of this world. Stu Ungar is considered as the best card player who ever lived, and he dominated both gin rummy and poker. His genius was his high intelligence, his incredible memory and his laser sharp psychological understanding.

But life is not always easy for ultra skilled people, and in his case gambling and drug problems led to a difficult life and an early death. Which is one reason why we advise you to exert caution when playing online poker for money. Define your personal limit and only wager money you can lose. Playing poker must always be a fun hobby which may possibly earn some people a living.

What is left today of Stu’s memory is a legend, the legend of poker. So as a token of gratitude for his extraordinary talent, this site was born. The goal of ungarpoker.com is to gather facts about Stu, as well as quality strategy articles about poker. This is work in progress and more content will be added continually.

For any suggestion about this website, please send an email to sales@ungapoker.com.